Dispatch 24/7/365


Food Processing

Make us an effective part of your plant’s complete safety and hygiene program.

Commercial Properties

Protect your tenants and stakeholders from downtime and liability claims.


Keep your pipelines flowing for a safe, productive process.

Agriculture/ Horticulture

One-stop solution for the drain blockages & issues caused by animal waste & organic materials.

Good-to-go drain cleaning fleet

Our large service fleet is on standby 24/7/365 with a full range of high-pressure flushing and vacuum equipment to handle every drain‑cleaning emergency.


Our fleet of customized vacuum trucks is ready 24/7/365 to tackle any job requiring the vacuuming of material from storage and holding tanks, as well as from clogged, damaged and/or broken pipes. With a fleet of trucks ranging from utility to large, including a highly specialized Hydrovac-equipped truck, we have the powerful vacuuming equipment available at all times to match any industrial drain cleaning demands and challenges.


From large to compact trucks, and even a specialized unit that goes into tight underground spaces, we have a full fleet of flushing equipment to meet the challenges of any clogged industrial pipes. The various truck models in our fleet and their wide-ranging capabilities allow us to match the right equipment to the particular pipe and drain blockage crisis. Our flushing equipment also maximizes cleanout for any required pipe maintenance and repair purposes.


Our high-quality video camera and locating equipment allows our crews to “see” deep into the pipes, quickly and accurately identifying the location, source and cause of clogs, damages or breaks. This not only results in faster cleaning and repairs during crisis situations, but also proactive preventive maintenance to reduce future drainage problems. The images captured via our camera and locating equipment can also provide required utility information for other stakeholders, including property owners, engineers and surveyors.

Professionally qualified technicians

In addition to our in-house equipment training and licensed plumbing staff, our technicians are specially certified to meet on-site safety standards for food processing and petroleum facilities.

Complete underfloor solutions

One call is all you need for complete service to drains and catch basins with our full range of in‑house capabilities including plumbing repairs, excavation and anti-pathogen service.

Proven Reliability

“It’s an old plant, very easy to get lost in, but Jonathan and his crew know their way around so well.”

As maintenance planner and scheduler at the Maple Leaf Foods processing plant in Toronto, Victor Silva appreciates the expertise of drain cleaning professionals.

“Thanks to Aqua Fast Flush, we were able to get back up running without any lost time.”

Fixing a broken pipe is not a simple task at the busy Pinty’s poultry plant in Port Colborne, Ontario, says Maintenance Manager Rob McCulligh.

“We called a couple of different companies … and Aqua Fast Flush was available at 1 o’clock in the morning”

Keeping its complex organic waste energy facility running at full capacity is key for London, Ontario’s StormFisher Environmental, says Pearce Fallis, VP Operations.