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Fast, Effective Drain Cleaning Systems

Our large and versatile service fleet allows Aqua Fast Flush to respond to your call fast, with the right equipment to deliver the complete drain cleaning solution you need.

HPF (High Pressure Flushing) is the draining cleaning method which, unlike traditional augering or snaking, actually washes away the grease and debris out and away.

Cast iron pipes: If the lines in your facility are from the cast iron era, Aqua Fast Flush has the tools to cut through build‑up and, if needed, to excavate or vacuum excavate (“Daylighting”) to get your drains flowing like new again!

High-rise service: Our custom-built equipment makes no building too tall for our equipment to reach…from top to bottom we’ll get your drains flowing freely and safely!

Complete service: With our additional fleet of construction equipment, we are able to complete the entire job right through to site cleanup. Our full-sized and compact hydraulic excavators, skid-steer loaders and roll-off dump trucks ensure that all excavated and contaminated dirt, excess gravel and construction debris is tidied up and, if necessary, removed quickly from the site. There is no having to wait for an additional earthmoving or waste disposal contractor to arrive to finish the job.

Aqua Fast Flush goes beyond traditional drain augering to deliver superior drain cleaning performance.

*CP: “Cleaning power” is the industry standard measure for water pressure (PSI) and water volume (GPM) in high-pressure applications.

Construction Fleet


High Pressure Flushing is the way to go when you want to clear your drains of grease!


Watch what the power of some of our tools can do to wood!


A demonstration of some of our Warthog heads we use in our High Pressure Flushing.