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High-Pressure Drain Cleaning vs Traditional Drain Cleaning

Traditional drain auguring (snaking) simply bores a hole through clogs. It leaves material behind, which creates breeding grounds for pathogens such as listeria.

Snaking and auguring has its place when it comes to dealing with tree roots, soft paper material, and hair – and Aqua Fast Flush offers those services too! But where hygiene and environmental quality are important, high pressure flushing (HPF) is the only way to go.

Our high pressure system washes the grease and debris out and away. More than opening a clog, HPF can dissolve blockages, emulsify grease and soaps as it spray washes all pipe wall surfaces, including seams and joints. Infected material is flushed right out of the pipe and cleared from catch basins.

HPF takes on common drain contaminants

Physical Contaminants – Drain system jetting removes build up, clogs and debris. Water at the correct high pressure can dissolve blockages, emulsify grease and soaps, and wash off interior pipe wall surfaces. As part of the jetting process, the water from the nozzle also washes away accumulated dirt and debris on the inside bottom of the pipe.

Chemical Contaminants – Jetting requires no chemical usage, so no chemical contaminants are introduced to your environment and any existing chemical residues that build up in the drainage system are sprayed away. The process used by Aqua Fast Flush also prevents blowback and off-gassing that can result from temporary pressure build-up at the beginning of the process with other systems.

Biological Contaminants – Our HPF system effectively reduces the build-up of bacterial pathogens. Further, when used in conjunction with hot water (in excess of 88o C), it greatly diminishes the development of bio-films (thin layers of bacteria) that most sanitation programs will miss in the drainage system.


High Pressure Flushing is the way to go when you want to clear your drains of grease!


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A demonstration of some of our Warthog heads we use in our High Pressure Flushing.