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Complete Underfloor Solutions

Aqua Fast Flush makes it easy to make your drain problems go away and stay away!

Our full suite of equipment and trained staff is ready to take on the complete range of tasks to identify the source of your underfloor troubles and complete the cure without delay. Broken lines, damaged fixtures, confined spaces and trenches – we do the whole job in-house so there’s no waiting around to find other support trades and machinery.

Make Aqua Fast Flush your first call and it’s the only call you’ll have to make for:

Aqua Fast Flush goes beyond traditional drain augering to deliver superior drain cleaning performance.

High Pressure Flushing (HPF)

Using high-pressure water, we are able to remove debris from partially and completely blocked pipes. This includes removing the hard, calcified debris that builds up over time, particularly in pipes that carry excessive food products and other fatty materials.

Hydrovac Catch Basin & Pipe Vacuuming

With our powerful vacuum trucks, we are able to remove non-hazardous material from catch basins, interceptors, pits and any other spaces where debris collects. These trucks are licensed to then carefully and cleanly remove the material away from the immediate problem area.

Camera Video Inspection & Locating

With our camera video inspection and locating equipment, we can detect precisely where a pipe is broken and identify the best possible place to dig in order to make the necessary repairs reducing unnecessary excavation and associated costs. The video and locating equipment is also able to verify the status and location of underground utilities for property owners, engineers and surveyors.

Preventive Drain Maintenance

Preventive Drain Maintenance

By cleaning pipes before they reach the stress points of being mostly or completely clogged, we can save our customers money and give them peace of mind. By having their pipes cleaned regularly, our customers are never left scrambling in the middle of the night or on a holiday weekend to try to find a solution to a pipe blockage or break.

Plumbing Repairs & Replacement

Beyond detecting and identifying blockages, breaks and other stresses in pipes, we have the plumbing training, equipment and experience to make the required fixes on the spot at that moment. There is no need to call and wait for additional contractors to arrive to fix the impending or active breakage.

Confined Space Drain Services

With our full array of equipment and properly trained personnel, we have the capability to safely access and monitor confined spaces such as manholes and pits in order to clean these hard-to-reach and often dangerous areas. Again, our one-stop solution avoids additional service calls to secondary contractors to complete both preventive maintenance and required repairs.

Sewer Pipe Augering/Snaking

Sewer Pipe Augering/Snaking

With our extensive range of augering and snaking equipment, we arrive at your location equipped with the best tools to clear blockages in pipes. It doesn’t matter if those blockages are caused by grease, hair or personal hygiene products that are sometimes mistakenly flushed down drains and toilets.

Tree Root Removal

Tree Root Removal

Our augering equipment is capable of removing the tree roots that, over time, spread and break into underground pipes. These roots cause costly blockages and breaks if not identified and removed safely. Should it be required, we also own and operate the earthmoving machinery needed to excavate and reach problem areas.

Pipeline Excavation

When a pipe breaks and an emergency situation occurs, the ability for one service provider to quickly complete all required tasks is key. By owning and operating our own fleet of hydraulic excavators, skid-steer loaders, crawler dozers and other earthmoving equipment, we can access the problem areas immediately and make the required fix.

Grease Trap Repair/Pumping and Replacement

Grease Trap Repair/Pumping and Replacement

What sets us apart is that we can not only pump out grease traps, but we can also repair and replace those traps if necessary. Our one-stop solution provides the fast and complete service that businesses need to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Anti-Pathogen Cleaning System

Anti-Pathogen Cleaning System

Our technicians are schooled, trained and certified in the systemic Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) prevention approach to food safety. As such, our team members can quickly identify where a potential pathogen contamination exists and recommend the best business practices to avoid potential crises.


High Pressure Flushing is the way to go when you want to clear your drains of grease!


Watch what the power of some of our tools can do to wood!


A demonstration of some of our Warthog heads we use in our High Pressure Flushing.